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Building on past events, such as the Virtual 2020 Business Aviation Sustainability Summit in Washington, the Business Aviation Coalition on Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is organising the first-ever European counterpart: 

The European Business Aviation SAF Summit

The event – to be held virtually on 20 April – brings together high-level EU officials from all relevant institutions; the EU Commission, Council, and Parliament, and the entire Business Aviation value chain under one goal: accelerating the availability and use of SAF.

The single-largest potential reduction in aviation’s GHG emissions — and the key to reaching goals for reducing them — will come about through the broad adoption of SAF in place of conventional jet fuel in use today as described in the Business Aviation Commitment on Climate Change. There are other, cleaner alternatives to fossil fuels being developed in addition to SAF (e.g., electrification and hydrogen), but these remain longer-term alternatives, whereas SAF has been proven to work, and is ready to be scaled today.

While SAF technology is available today, much needs to be done to make SAF widely available and increase its uptake by industry. This Summit provides an opportunity for the global Business Aviation Community to discuss the factors that are holding back the full deployment and commercialisation of SAF with European policymakers.

This event is free to attend, register now! 


Start: 20 April 2021
End: 20 April 2021
The Business Aviation Coalition for Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Online event

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